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This page will provide a general list of what is included in each of the version 2.4 haks, notes how it is intended or actually is used, and later will include notes on what can be safely moved (and to where) or removed.

existing/current files:

cep2_top_v24 - to be filled in
- will be considered a "legacy" hak starting with first update

- purposefully empty hak file
- used by servers as a way to store server-side-only 2das, blueprints, and scripts to help work around the 16k "in-module" resources limit, without having players have to download a server-specific extra hak just to log in

Race parts included in some or all of the cep2_phenos* haks:
pfa/pma (halfling), pfb/pmb (brownie), pfd/pmd (dwarf), pfe/pme (elf), pfg/pmg (gnome), pfh/pmh (human/half-elf), pfo/pmo (half-orc), pfv/pmv (dynamic skeleton)

- base animation files for tavern/social phenotype
- cloak models for human phenotype 40
- plt texture for female robe 010
- robes and body/clothing parts for phenotypes 3, 5, 6, 8, 14, 16, 17, 25, 27, 34
- robes and body/clothing parts for phenotypes 14, 16, 17, 25, 34
- phenotype 34 human beard model (experimental work?)
- robes and body/clothing parts for phenotypes 3, 5, 6, 8, 14, 16, 17, 25, 27, 34
- base animation files for phenotypes 10, 11, 13, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
- CEP horses and ponies
- robes and body/clothing parts for phenotypes 17, 25, 27
- robes and body/clothing parts for phenotypes 16, 17, 27

- CEP-provided scripts and premade blueprints for creatures/placeables/etc.

- contains skyboxes and skyboxes.2da
- need to remove anna_skyboxes.2da

- OPTIONAL (but required if using cep2_add_tiles1
- NOT TO BE USED at the same time as cep2_ext_tiles
- textures and minimaps for added tilesets

- NOT TO BE USED at the same time as cep2_ext_tiles
- adds additional CEP-altered tilesets
- includes:
- - zcn01 - [CEP] City Exterior
- - zdc01 - [CEP] Crypts
- - zde01 - [CEP] Dungeon
- - zdm01 - [CEP] Mines and Caverns
- - zib01 - [CEP] Beholder Interior
- - zic01 - [CEP] Castle Interior 1
- - zid01 - [CEP] Drow Interior
- - zin01 - [CEP] City Interior 1
- - zkw01 - [CEP] Swamp (CODI/C.R.A.P.)
- - ztd01 - [CEP] Desert
- - ztf01 - [CEP] Forest
- - zti01 - [CEP] Frozen Wastes
- - ztr01 - [CEP] Rural Grass
- - zts01 - [CEP] Rural Winter
- - ztu01 - [CEP] Underdark

- NOT TO BE USED at the same time as cep2_add_tiles1 and cep2_add_tiles2
- adds additional tiles to existing BioWare tilesets without adding extra tilesets

- adds multiple new doors and doors for specific tiles as general use doors
- includes door models, textures, dwk files, genericdoors.2da, and doorpal.tip (doors custom palette categories)

cep2_core7 - to be filled in
cep2_core6 - to be filled in
cep2_core5 - to be filled in
cep2_core4 - to be filled in
cep2_core3 - to be filled in
cep2_core2 - to be filled in
cep2_core1 - to be filled in

- inventory icons (for what appears to be an abandonded CEP go at 3-part shields)
- portraits (a couple of militia banners, lizardmen, a white horse, a CODI critter, a couple of unicorns, a floating skull, and lots of placeables)
- - a few of the portraits contain useless size H images, which are never used in game for non-PCs (can be removed)
- textures (some from Darkness over Daggerford)
- models for placables (mythallar crystals, fish, party stuff, NWN2 stuff, DoD stuff, abandoned CEP 3-part shields)

- could be optional by the looks of things
- content from the old C.R.A.P. (Class Roleplaying Adaptation Project) group
- contains ground models for several items, a couple of inventory icons, some minimaps, some models for creatures and placeables, and some textures
- does not contain any 2da files, so probably listed as "required" because of lines (for base items such as coins) in 2da files in the current/older top haks

- contains scripts, dialogs, blueprints needed if building/playing a C.R.A.P. module

- contains one C.R.A.P. script, 1 creature blueprint, and a bunch of blueprints for converted NWN2 placeables
- intended to be used by a builder to add placeables while in the toolset (to provide blueprints in the custom placeable palette for painting down), then removed from the hak list for the module just before publishing or moving to a live server

- adds loadscreens from Darkness over Daggerford
- - castle exterior, swamp, and title loadscreens
- was never included on official "installation" lists, even as "optional"

legacy files:
cep2_patch_v22b (empty)
cep2_patch_v22c (empty)

unused files:

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