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Welcome to the Community Expansion Pack for NWNEdit

A wiki for the community working to rebuild a living Community Expansion Pack for Neverwinter Nights.

Current Version: 2.61 (Apr. 25, 2015) (Download)
Next Version: 2.62 (in progress)


The NWN custom content community is towing out the derelict ship called "CEP", heading for a port filled with skilled shipwrights and carpenters that are ready to get the old girl sailing high again.

Community members are starting work on reviving the massive custom content compilation haks known as the Community Expansion Pack.  Apparently abandoned by those "in charge" of it, it has been over three years since the CEP was updated with any new content (March 2011), and a year and a half since any word was heard from it's previous "captain" or "first mate".


By reviving the CEP, we also hope to make it a more community driven project. As such, all who are willing to contribute are welcome to take part in making this happen, and we will use this wiki page to facilitate and organize this process.

These are the current main entries that are used for planning and discussion:

Other useful pages:

Submitting contentEdit

Whenever you want to submit a fix or similar, send it to Make sure to update the CEP 2 Fixes (or other appropriate page).

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